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A Pencil in My Hand - Susanna McLeod
A Splash of Cartooning News for Fall 2010 - Susanna McLeod
Adams, Scott - Creator of "Dilbert"
Addams, Charles - Cartoonist and Creator of "The Addams Family"
Amend, Bill - Creator of "FoxTrot"
And the Winners Are - The NCS Awards for 2006
Anderson, Brad - Creator of "Marmaduke"
Anderson, Mark - Creator of "Andertoons"
Anderson, Nick - Editorial Cartoonist
Anzaldi, George F. Jr. - Creator of "Ditto and Chance"
Armstrong, Tom - Creator of "Marvin"

Baker, Piers - Creator of "Ollie and Quentin"
Baldwin, Mike - Creator of "Cornered"
Basset, Brian - Creator of "Adam@Home" and "Red and Rover"
Batiuk, Tom - Creator of "Funky Winkerbean"
Bell-Lundy, Sandra - Creator of "Between Friends"
Bender, Jack and Carole - Today's Creators of "Alley Oop"
Benson, Lisa - Inspiring Editorial Cartoonist with the Daily Press
Berenstain, Stan and Jan - Creators of "The Berenstain Bears"
Billingsley, Ray - Creator of "Curtis"
Blair, Mary - Illustrator, Disney Master of Colour, and Artist
Blake, Bud - Creator of "Tiger"
Blosser, Merrill - Creator of "Freckles and His Friends"
Boreman, Steve - Creator of "Little Dog Lost"
Boychuk, Brian and Ron, plus Ronnie Martin - Creators of "Chuckle Bros"
Boynton, Sandra - Creator of Children's Board Books and So Much More
Brady, Pat - Creator of "Rose is Rose"
Braddock, Paige - Creator of "Jane's World"
Breathed, Berkeley - Creator of "Bloom County" and "Outland"
Brinkley, Nell - Creator of the "Brinkley Girl"
Browne, Chris - Creator of "Raising Duncan", Artist of "Hagar the Horrible"
Browne, Dik - Creator of "Hagar the Horrible"
Buford, Mark - Creator of "Scary Gary"
Bushmiller, Ernie - Original Creator of "Nancy"

Campbell, Jenny - and John Gibel - Creators of "Flo and Friends"
Capp, Al - Creator of "Li'l Abner"
Carpenter, Chad - Creator of "Tundra"
Cartooning Museums - Cartoon Exhibits 2007/2008
Cartooning Just Got A Lot Easier - Susanna McLeod
Cartooning News for January 2007 - Susanna McLeod
Cartoons as Art?  Of Course! - Susanna McLeod
Cartoons on Exhibit in 2004 - Susanna McLeod
Casali, Kim - "Love is..."
Chapleau, Serge - Political Cartoonist and Caricaturist
Chast, Roz - Magazine Cartoonist
Chucklebits - Updates in the Toons (2004) - Susanna McLeod
Christmas Spirit is Alive in Comic Strips (2006) - Susanna McLeod
Christmas Toons on Television (2007) - Susanna McLeod
Clark, Todd & Scott Nickel - Creators of "Triple Take"
Cochran, Tony - Creator of "Agnes"
Cole, Jack - Reached the Pinnacle of Cartooning Arts   
Conley, Darby - Creator of "Get Fuzzy"
Corriveau, Jeff - Creator of "DeFlocked"
Coverly, Dave - Creator of "Speed Bump"
Crane, Brian - Creator of "Pickles"
Curfman, Greg - Creator of "Meg!"

Davis, Jim - Creator of "Garfield"
Deering, John - Editorial Cartoonist and Creator of "Strange Brew"
Degen, Bruce - Illustrator of "The Magic School Bus" and More
Detorie, Rick - Creator of "One Big Happy"
Dewar, Susan - Editorial Cartoonist and Co-Creator of "Us & Them" Comic Strip
Disney, Walt - the Early Years
Dodd, Ed - Original Creator of "Mark Trail"
Dr. Seuss - Political Cartoonist Theodor Seuss Geisel
Dumm, Edwina - Creator of "Cap Stubbs and Tippie" and Cartooning Pioneer
Dunham, Chip - Creator of "Overboard"
Dunlap, Phil - Creator of "Ink Pen"

Eliot, Jan - Creator of "Stone Soup"
Eisner, Will - Creator of "The Spirit" and Comics Innovator
Evans, Greg - Creator of "Luann"