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Review: "A Grandmother's Wish" by Grandma Max, Maxine Kronick

November 30, 2012


The pages are filled with dazzling, colourful art created by the hands of children, accompanied by the warm words of a grandmother to her dear grandkids. Turning pages of the book, the hopes and encouragement offered by "A Grandmother's Wish" by Grandma Max (© 2012) almost immediately reach to the heart of the reader. Self-published by Maxine Kronick of Flagler Beach, Florida, "A Grandmother's Wish" and the accompanying DVD are a delight.


Author Maxine Kronick, "Grandma Max"

Imbued with a creative spirit throughout her life, Maxine Kronick has worked in several aspects of theatre and film for most of her life. After graduating from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Maxine took to the stage, appearing in theatre productions in Flint, Michigan over several decades.

Moving off-stage, "she later chose the promotional side of the entertainment business, serving as Flint's Director of Special Events," said "About the Author: Maxine Kronick" in "A Grandmother's Wish."

Kronick next turned to film, appearing in a documentary by social activist Michael Moore. Working overseas, she also produced documentaries about the horrific and tragic Jewish Holocaust of the 1940s, such as "From the Shtetl with Love" and "A Passport to Life - Destination Shanghai."

Later moving to Florida, Kronick put her skills to work with the cofounding of "Theateriffic." The program is a children's non-profit performing arts company; the author is also President of the group.

"A Grandmother's Wish" Author Maxine Kronick, "Grandma Max" © 2012 Photo courtesy Richlin Ryan

"A Grandmother's Wish" was another imaginative destination in the busy life of Maxine Kronick. The mother of four and grandmother of nine, Kronick collaborated with professional animator David Lawlor of Asheville, North Carolina to bring her ideas to life in book form and on DVD.

Calling her book a "labor of love," Kronick spent four years nurturing her project. Writing the words of comfort, hope and good wishes, she collected the colourful and intricate artwork of family and children from gallery workshops and schools in the Central Florida region. "It educates children about the many threats to our environment," notes the book's back cover, "and encourages dialogue, while the animation entertains."

The storylines and vivid pictures spring into action on the DVD through the animation magic of Lawlor. Musical Director and performing artist Leigh Ann Singleton composed the music for "A Grandmother's Wish" and narrated the verses, her calm voice reinforcing the messages of love and reassurance..

"A Grandmother's Wish," Maxine Kronick, Grandma Max
"I wish you sweet dreams" Courtesy M. Kronick, "A Grandmother's Wish" by Grandma Max, © 2012
Cover Art of "A Grandmother's Wish"

Available at two Florida locations - Down by the Sea in Flagler Beach and at Chez Jacqueline in Palm Coast - "A Grandmother's Wish" by Grandma Max book and DVD set is well-priced at $18.00. Sales are brisk and Kronick is hoping a mainstream publisher will pick up the book for its line-up soon.

"A Grandmother's Wish" would be a wonderful addition to any small child's library, a book that could become a standard for bedtime reading with Grandma or Grandpa. The book's positive theme could hit just the right note in this world of confusing messages and startling news.

Congratulations, Grandma Max, aka Maxine Kronick, and best wishes for much success with "A Grandmother's Wish."

To order your copy, e-mail Kronick at for more information.


"A Grandmother's Wish" Cover Art by David Lawter, Courtesy Maxine Kronick

© Susanna McLeod 2012