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Welcome to The Cartoonists!

   How do cartoonists do it? How do they make us laugh, make us think and even make us want to cry? With what looks deceivingly like a few simple strokes of the pen, a great sense of humour and a feel for life, these talented artists create art that touches our hearts and minds. Join me in one of my favourite things - exploring the lives and art of beloved cartoonists, from the first pioneers to today's talented creators. Browse through over 200 articles... and growing. Cheers for Cartoonists! Woo hoo!

While The Cartoonists is on temporary hiatus, let's take a look back at some of my favourites. So many to choose, so little space...

April Feature Article is from 2011. Norm Muffitt aka Bush, holds a special place. Sadly, he passed away shortly after our interview. I am honoured that he took the time to speak with The Cartoonists:

Interview with "Bush," Canadian Editorial Cartoonist Norm Muffitt

Bush, Norm Muffitt Bush Cartoon Panel

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Susanna McLeod writes a Local History column in the Kingston Whig-Standard and is author of "The People of Canadian History" on Suite.io. And more, much more.