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Welcome to The Cartoonists!

   How do cartoonists do it? How do they make us laugh, make us think and even make us want to cry? With what looks deceivingly like a few simple strokes of the pen, a great sense of humour and a feel for life, these talented artists create art that touches our hearts and minds. Join me in one of my favourite things - exploring the lives and art of beloved cartoonists, from the first pioneers to today's talented creators. Browse through over 200 articles... and growing. Cheers for Cartoonists! Woo hoo!

Fresh Articles

Harry Hershfield, Cartoonist and Captivating Humourous Speaker                                                       February 28, 2014

An essential element of cartooning is a firm grip on the funny. Harry Hershfield had it in spades... and more. Creator of comic strips with a Jewish flavour, Hershfield's sense of humour took him off the page and put him front and centre on stage as toastmaster at banquets and events. And even led him to be a panelist on a fun-filled radio show, "Can You Top This?" in the 1940s and '50s.

Kevin Frank, Creator of "Heaven's Love Thrift Shop"                                                                               January 30, 2014

Faith has always been a part of Kevin Frank's life. Belief in Christianity has formed the foundation from which Frank has built a career in the arts, from graphic designer to illustrator, and on to syndicated cartoonist. Through wonderful gentle humour and great classic art, the creator of "Heaven's Love Thrift Shop" is trying to share a message with readers: not only is there a God, but God loves you.

The Cartoonists Note:

Just found this, Comic Book fans... the Digital Comic Museum has a large collection of Golden Age comics that can be downloaded for free. There are originals that debuted in 1939 and lots from the 1940s and 1950s. . These are copyright-free, so no Disney etc in the bunch, but still a great selection for comic book devotees. There are a few classic comic strips, too. Registration is the only requirement and you could upload any you have to share, too. Visit the Digital Comic Museum soon.

Recent Articles:

Anne Gibbons, Prolific Illustrator and One of the "Six Chix"                                                                   December 30, 2013

Pen in hand and sense of humour finely-honed, Anne Gibbons leads a life dedicated to the heart, be it finding the direct way to say a touching message in a greeting card, observations on life in illustrations for magazines and clients, or through her weekly panel as one of Six Chix. Gibbons didn't live and breathe cartooning as a child, instead becoming an elementary school teacher. She went to all that effort just to discover what she really wanted to be, what she needed to be, was an artist.

Morrie Turner, Ground-breaking Creator of "Wee Pals"                                                                           November 30, 2013

The year 1965, like other years in the mid-20th century, was rilled with racial strife in the United States. Protests, riots, violence - the country was roiling in the turmoil of change. Cartoonist Morrie Turner took his own stance on the vital issue. He introduced a comic strip that united blacks and whites, then incorporated other cultures as well. His ground-breaking comic was "Wee Pals." Its message: we can all live together.

Susanna McLeod writes a Local History column in the Kingston Whig-Standard and is author of "The People of Canadian History" on Suite101.com.